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Posted on Sunday, 10th May 2009 by Chris

Truly, I hate politics.  A lot of people say this but then they want to be in politics or they like a candidate.  They follow the elections, they discuss the candidates, and the issues.  This isn’t me.  I wish we never had to discuss any of this.  

It’s true that I will argue any chance I get.  And I will argue for either side.  I never really care because all too often both sides are wrong.  And I like to point out how wrong people are.  Too many people are blinded by being fans of a party.  Both sides are wrong a LOT, and it’s too much for me to take.

Being wrong is not what bothers me, it’s the fact they they only present one side and act like the other side has no merit.  When very often the difference between two opinions is subjective.  And I think the biggest thing is that they present a side, a theory, or an option as the ANSWER.  I think that all of us are smart enough to know no policy will be the definitive answer.  So why can’t they just explain what tradeoffs are being made.  Explain what is being prioritized above what else.  

I’m willing to forgive being wrong.  I am willing to forgive mistakes.  When I don’t want to forgive is acting like there is only one choice.  In running a company, or marketing or raising a child or anything else don’t you gather data and make your best ‘guess’ at the answer.  You make the choice that delivers the best option based on your priorities.  You often end up trying something, gathering feedback and then adjusting to make it work better.  

Why does this process not work in politics?  Because the process is and never was about actually solving the problem.  Because no one wants to admit their priorities and no one ever wants to admit that they were wrong.  

When is the last time we saw EITHER party admit who they were making a priority?  When did either party last admit they were wrong?  When is the last time that we heard them talk about the evidence after they told us what the answer was.  I honestly can’t remember.  And the worst part is that the press doesn’t do this either.  They focus on the fact that a policy mistake was made, or that there is criticism of the policy but I’ve never heard the press talk about what we learned and what new direction we should take.  Actually now that I think of it I think there was a time that this used to happen.  But I think it somehow got lost in the era of headlines.  

Maybe I am wrong and no one cares about the data anymore, but I think they do.  I think many are as frustrated as I am.  And too many are choosing the lesser of two evils.  And that is not a choice.  

I’m giving Obama a chance, probably just because I am naive, but also because he has a chance to change this.  He seems to take responsibility for what he is doing.  He often talks about the details.  And I hope he keeps this up.  I’d love to see the President be the one who demands accountability.  Someone who says we’re putting the education of children above the importance of retirement.  I hope he looks at the data and bluntly says I was wrong.  Would his own party turn on him?  I bet they would.  But I bet the American people wouldn’t.  Or at least all of them wouldn’t.  Not if we learned something and not if we used what we learned to grow as a country.  

I can wish, can’t I?

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Posted on Tuesday, 19th August 2008 by Chris

Rain stings at 21 Miles an hour.

Water from the front wheel tickles.

Sometimes your bike just can’t make the turn.

And tree branches hurt at any speed.


Yes I rode in the torrential downpour that hit us today in Austin.  It was actually pretty cool.  I think that I told you the last time I went that it was pretty peaceful.  This time it was good too.  In fact the rain stopped halfway through the ride and it was pretty sunny.  In one spot on the veloway the water crosses the concrete and was about a foot deep all the way across.  I was surprised at how easily my bike knifed through this water.


When I was riding toward the end.  When the rain was drying and the road was drying out, twice something weird happened.  Going down the small hill right after the start, through a large puddle of water (when it rains this is about a foot deep and it streams across the road) and then up a small hill on the other side and around that first corner.  In dry weather I can easily take these turns at 25+ miles an hour with no problem, I’ve done it as fast as 32 that I remember.  So, today after the rain stops, and I have already done five laps.  This is my sixth of seven total loops on the veloway.  I go down the hill, and through the drainage crossing the road, with no problem.  And then I go up the other side and I begin to bank and turn into the corner.  But something isn’t right.  The bike is turned a bit, but the tire isn’t gripping, I can feel the rear sliding, and the front tire is providing no direction at all.  Just like a skid, I try to be smart, I steer into the turn a bit to try and get the tire to catch.  I begin to ease it gradually, probably only going about 15 miles an hour at this point.  I turn then skid, then turn back, it catches then I skid, etc.  A gradual war that I am not winning since the road turns in front of me and there is nothing but rain soaked ground and trees straight ahead.  My bike is turning but not fast enough, I am getting to close to the edge, and your words flash across my mind.  “I thought you were a gonner for sure.”  The inching process isn’t working and finally I run out of road.  I am about a foot in the grass.  I’m surprised that even with the rain the ground is firm and my bike maintains speed.  That’s good and bad.  Good because I don’t sink and fall over and bad because I’m in the grass and the trees are right ahead.  The other good news is that it’s easier to turn, since my tires can grip the dirt for some reason better than they did the asphalt.  The bad news did I mention the trees.  And oh the big asphalt ledge on the side.  So what choice do I have, I do what I can.  I turn the bike as sharply as I dare back toward the road.  And as I hit the branches on the trees my front tires pops back onto the asphalt.  I thought you’d enjoy knowing that I didn’t fall, although I have some scratches and whelps on my arm from the tree limbs, and I feel like a lucky idiot. 

 I still have no clue why my tire would not grip.  It happened to me in one other spot and in neither case was it a particularly sharp turn, fast speed or slick road.   

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Posted on Thursday, 10th July 2008 by Chris


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Posted on Thursday, 10th July 2008 by Chris

Here’s an example of how to embed YouTube videos:


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Posted on Thursday, 10th July 2008 by Chris

Here’s an example of how to embed a poll:

[poll id=”1“]

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Posted on Thursday, 10th July 2008 by Chris

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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